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13947 Beach Blvd #110, JACKSONVILLE FL

(904) 992-1388

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  • I am truly bummed out, this used to be my favorite Chinese place, however, not any more. Tried to order the soy chicken, they were sold out. Tried to order roasted duck, they were sold out. Out of desperation we ordered General’s chicken, it was horrible. It seems as if the chicken had been fried up in advance and nuked in the microwave to heat it up which would explain why the inside of the meat was scalding hot and the outside just warm. The chicken was as hard as a rock. I mean hard enough to chip a tooth. When you cut into the chicken (which was not easy), it was very dry and desiccated. We brought this to the attention of our server to see if they would do the right thing and take it off the bill. They chose not to take the charge off even though the entree was barely touched and we declined to take it home. So we decided to do the right thing for us; never come back. We have eaten here for three years and have spent hundreds of dollars at this restaurant. The last few times we were there we noticed it was going downhill. However, it would be obvious to a moron that the chicken we were served was horribly overcooked and the server agreed as she heard the fork hit the piece of rock hard chicken and it sounded like a drum. As a business owner myself, I was shocked at how the situation was handled, the last thing you would want to do is alienate repeat customers like this. I guess choosing to be penny wise and pound foolish will cost them a lot more money in the long run than doing the right thing which would have been to take the charge off because of the inedible food to retain long-time customers. WE WON'T BE BACK.

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